Here are the people who run the core Get-E.org.

The best way to reach us, is to send a mail to the public Enlightenment websites mailinglist. We are all subscribed to this list and follow it regularly. Thisway, you also won't have to think who in particular you need to contactregarding the issue you want to bring up. Pleasestay on topic though. This mailing list is only meant for"Enlightenment circle" websites related discussion. Post off topicrelated things to the public Enlightenment users mailing list instead.

You can also contact us via IRC, irc.freenode.net #get-e.You might also want to check out #e (official Enlightenment channel)and #edevelop (official E17 development channel) on the same network.

    Primary maintainers:
  • Brian 'morlenxus' Miculcy
    Supporting maintainers:
  • Dale 'swishy' Anderson
  • David 'onefang' Seikel
    Section maintainers:
  • Applications: Andrew 'sevcsik' Sevcsik
    Website graphics:
  • Carsten 'Rasterman' Haitzler
    Get-E.org has been founded by:
  • Hisham 'CodeWarrior' Mardam Bey
    Engine and hosting managed by:
  • Andrew 'HandyAndE' Williams
    Engine provided by:
  • Rectang.com
    Hosting Mirrors:
Rectang.com hostingRectang.com
Sentien hostingSentien Systems 
Technical Univeristy of Cluj Napoca
 Nathan 'CpuID' Sullivan