Lost Souls - People who worked on Get-E in the past


We would like to thank all these people for helping us with Get-E.
They did a great job, and Get-E wouldn't be the same without them. If you have contributed to the project and your name isn't listed here, please drop us a line so we can add you to the list.

Thank you!

  • Christopher 'devilhorns' Michael, inactive since 2008-04-11. One of the site maintainers since 2005-09-23, did rewrite the whole user guide and co-maintain every user related content. Moo! ;)
  • Tobias 'tri' Richter, translator for the german user guide, back in the good old days.
  • Callea Gaetano Andrea 'cga', translator for the italian user guide, back in the good old days.
  • Valtteri 'vrln' Vainikka, inactive since 2006-01-20. One of the three founders of the current site. Was a primary site maintainer for around a year and wrote and maintained most of the original english documentation.
  • Justin 'Surtsey' Krueger, inactive since 2005-12-15. He did some nice graphics for us, including the e-kanji on the frontpage.
  • Thomas 'gimpel' Kuther, inactive since 2005-12-01. One of the three founders of the current site. Took an active part in running the site for around a year as a general site maintainer. Also maintained the german translations for over half a year.
  • Jonathan 'vandango' Naumann, was part of the Get-E.org team and helped working on graphics for the site, some E17 themes, and was a general do-it-all person that helped with the site in general.
  • Sara 'Maieve' Ashour, was with the team when it first started as a global site editor. She helped iron out several language related mistakes and gave input on several content and visual related aspects of the site.
  • Mads 'Krycek' Christensen, used to work on the site with CodeWarrior and AvEng back in the days of E15. Mads used to do content, some code, and used to run the site.
  • Lars 'AvEng' Peterson, used to work on the site with Krycek and CodeWarrior back in the days of E15. Lars used to do PHP/MySQL code for Get-E.org.